Mad Dash

Just carry on…


Having travelled the world we were always in search of the perfect carry on. Understated with elegant edge for any climate or culture.  Movement and speed yet the stand out in any line up. Complimented on at boarding never asked to sit in the hold. Clever and convenient for things you don’t want to travel with out. So we Created Mad Dash. Travel safe.

Form and Function

In our search we wanted form &  function. A big enough pocket for the scanning essentials to avoid zip juggling at security. A detachable micro bag for our personal things In flight. A handle for the other bag. Four wheels to move at speed on last call. Of a size that loves the cabin overhead. Turn heads.

A Clever Idea

The highlight of Mad Dash is its detachable micro bag. All the things you need for the flight in one easily accessible place without having to open Mad Dash on board. For the rest of your trip its a micro bag for daytime sightseeing dressed with or without a body strap. At nighttime a simple clutch. Enjoy.

Movement and Speed

Mad Dash

Permanent colours


In the same colour