Mad Dash

Just carry on…


I’m the perfect travel companion; sleek, understated and streamlined, yet incredibly practical. I love to be complimented, making you look and feel great, always by your side. I’m light on my wheels and won’t hold you up as you race through departures. Once we get going, I’ll give you all the space you need, wherever in the world we’re destined for.

Form and Function

A big enough pocket to keep all your travel necessities in easy reach; no more fumbling around for tickets or passes. A detachable micro bag to keep all your personal items to hand. Four wheels that move at the speed of life.  And the perfect size for overhead.

More than just a bright idea

Life’s too short to worry about packing multiple bags. Time should be spent laughing in the rain, staying up to watch the sunrise, and finding that perfect little café for lunch. When you arrive at your destination, the detachable micro bag becomes the perfect sightseeing partner, with or without the body strap. And when day turns into night, a simple, practical clutch.

Movement and Speed

Mad Dash

Permanent colours


In the same colour