The one that got away

Have you ever passed up something and regretted not getting it? The one that got away…

Iconic deigns in limited number

Each year we produce a small, limited number of iconic designs, inspired by someone or something that really matters to us. We hope each icon will carry a meaning for different generations; something that is precious and special to own and that will be passed down to be enjoyed for years to come.

ICON 1: The Stanley

The Stanley celebrates the life of a remarkable woman, Angela Stanley. A wife, mother, businesswoman and charity worker whose love of fashion and travel so greatly inspired Gladstone London. She had a captivating, awe-inspiring ability to bring out the best in everyone she met and was never afraid to stand out from the crowd. In common with so many icons, hers was a life that was taken too soon but with richness in spirit making up for longevity. Angela had joie de vivre, never happier than when surrounded by good company and good conversation.

Spirited elegance

An iconic design that elegantly carries your most precious things. A reflection of spirit, confidence and unassuming style, Stanley looks great in any setting.

A rarity of difference

Our icons offer you an opportunity to be unique. With such a small number available, we can produce the bag in any material or colour you desire; reflecting your own free-thinking power and style, just like Angela Stanley.

The Stanley

Permanent colours


In the same colour